Actors search

How can I suggest a new actor?

To suggest a new actor for the reegle Actors Catalogue please login (on top of the page) or register first.

In your personal profile page you will find a box called "Manage your actors" - please click on "Suggest Actor" and follow the process to submit your actor's details to the reegle editorial team.

Your actor-suggestion will be reviewed by the team and we will notify you by email once they are published.

Which types of actors can I find on reegle?

You will find organisations, ministries, companies and other stakeholders active in the fields of clean energy and climate change in the reegle actors database.



How can I contact the reegle team?

Please use the form on the contact site or send us an email to

Who is behind reegle?

reegle is a joint project of REEEP (the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership) and REN21 (the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century).

Please have a look on our "About reegle" site to find more information about REEEP and REN21 and the "Partner" site to get information about the reegle donors.



What can I learn on the reegle map?

The map is a visual tool which allows you to find county-relevant news by browsing the map, and you can choose categories of interest by ticking relevant boxes.

Energy statistics and bioenergy potentials are also displayed on the map and this  allows you to gain a quick overview and to compare different countries at a glance.


Web search

How can I add a site to reegle's websearch

Please fill in the form to suggest new source. Our experts team will review your suggestion and decide on a case-to-case basis if your suggestion will be integrated into the reegle websearch.

What are the benefits of the reegle clean energy search?

The reegle search engine allows you a tailored search in the fields of renewable energy, efficiency and climate change bringing you the results you are really looking for.

Once starting to type your term auto-complete will suggest relevant terms and along with the results from our pre-selected, reliable sources the left-hand  box allows you to refine your search further by choosing more specific terms.  Additionally related searches will be offered at the bottom of the page.