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The HEDON Household Energy Network is an international forum dedicated to improving social, economic, and environmental conditions in the South, through promotion of local, national, regional and international initiatives in the household energy sector


HEDON is the place where practitioners, policy-makers, funders, and business-owners actively pursuing a cleaner, affordable and more efficient household energy sector unite to share their experiences, learn from one another, and create new knowledge.

Boiling Point

Boiling Point is an international journal on household energy published by HEDON. Articles dealing with energy in the context of poverty are contributed by readers, and the journal is a forum for sharing of information and experiences on household energy. Boiling Point reaches over two thousand addresses and has probably five times that number of readers worldwide.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups or SIGs are thematic groupings of HEDON members, and are new initiatives being introduced to the HEDON community. SIGs aim to:
  •   Connect people with other people for mutual benefit
  •   Lever resources by building innovative partnerships.
  •   Act as a premier source of knowledge and voice.

HEDON Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are specialist communities of practice open to HEDON subscribers. Find out more below:

Along with our SIG's we have Regional groups including LondonRIG an informal grouping of people working in the Household Energy Sector in developing countries, wanting to meet occasionally in the South-East of England.



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    International partnerships

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    Energy efficiency (general), Renewable energy (general)

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    United Kingdom