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reegle offers several possibilities to easily integrate our high quality datasets on clean energy into your website or application. This includes direct access to the datasets on our clean energy data portal, a wordpress plugin to use reegle's energy and climate change glossary on your blog and serveral widgets to integrate reegle functionality in your website. Details are available in the sub-sections below:

Linked Open Data

Inculde clean energy datasets including actors, project outcome documents, country policy reports and more than 1600 clean energy terms from our thesaurus into your website or application by using reegle's Linked Open Data facilities. Datasets are published  using the Open Government Data License for public sector information and are therefore free for re-use.

Detailed information for website developers is available on our Clean Energy Data Portal


Wordpress Plugin

This easy to install climate change glossary wordpress plugin imports reegle's clean energy and climate change thesaurus to your blog, highlights terms and generates links automatically for any terms available in the thesaurus. A mousover tooltip shows the short description of the term/phrase and the link points to the more detailed description on the glossary page.

More information is available on:



  • reegle clean energy blog


    Add the latest headlines about new reegle-blog articles to
    your site and provide your visitors with current and informative reports
    from the worlds leading events, as well as commentary on key clean
    energy issues and informed debate on related subject matter.


    To embedd the “reegle clean energy blog” to your website copy this code and paste it into your websites source code.

    preview example
  • reegle glossary


    Add a comprehensive glossary about clean energy related terms to your website by adding the code provided into your website sourcecode. This comprehensive index is an invaluable, constantly updated, source for understanding the subject matter.


    To embedd the “reegle glossary” to your website copy this code and paste it into your websites source code.

    preview example
  • reegle simple search


    Add the reegle search to your site by including the code provided into your existing source code. A small searchfield (non-reegle branded) will be shown on your site and redirect users to the reegle website to show the results


    To embedd the “reegle simple search” to your website copy this code and paste it into your websites source code.

    preview example

reegle Tagging API

The reegle Tagging API is a cost-free tagging tool for those publishing online resources in the clean energy and climate area. It allows for automated tagging of documents and web content covering renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate-relevant topics.

It can also be used to deepen content by suggesting related documents and other web resources from the API-indexed content pool.

Visit reegle Tagging API

Try reegle Tagging API - demo