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  • India continues to set strong renewable targets

    14.09.2014 kindly supported by Enviro Finland

    India is set to introduce an offshore wind policy targeting 1,000 megawatts by 2020 and is seeking advice from the European Union that leads the world in offshore wind power, according to Bloomberg. The Ministry of new and renewable energy will seek cabinet approval for the policy shortly. The ministry also came out with a draft scheme that envisages establishment of 25 solar parks in the next five years with a capacity ranging 500-1,000 MW - an addition of 20,000 MW. Read more

  • Renewable policies should focus on technologies

    12.09.2014 kindly supported by Enviro Finland

    Countries should follow China's lead and boost markets for water, wind and solar power technologies to drive down costs, according to an article published by Nature. The main driver has been market expansion. As the scale of manufacture and use of renewables rises, market forces will make renewables more accessible, affordable and efficient. Energy policies should therefore focus on promoting manufacturing, trade and competition in low-carbon technologies.Read more

  • Renewables to play key role in climate talks

    11.09.2014 kindly supported by Enviro Finland

    Renewable energy is increasingly taking center stage in the climate discussion, says a new IRENA report and underlines that renewables must be part of any solution to avoid catastrophic climate change. The issues highlighted in the report will be of central importance at the upcoming UN climate summit in New York later this month, but especially at the Paris climate conference in December 2015 - with expectations that the outcome will define global climate efforts in the future.Read more



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