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  • High-level Conference Issues Declaration on Oceans and Climate Change

    21.02.2019 by Energy-L

    Signatories to the Brussels Declaration on the ocean and climate change commit to continue developing, by 2020, an international legally binding instrument under the UNCLOS on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction, and state that combating adverse climate impacts “must be in accordance with this future instrument”. The Declaration also calls for urgent action to reduce GHGs in the international shipping sector. Read more

  • G-77 Calls for Accelerated Action on Inequality

    21.02.2019 by Energy-L

    The G-77 Chair called for resource mobilization, enabling environments for business and entrepreneurship, and labor policies that promote decent jobs, combined with effective, inclusive social protection systems. G-77 governments reiterated that climate change and environmental degradation exacerbate inequality, particularly for the poorest and most vulnerable.Read more

  • UBS Launches Efforts to Make Sustainability Understandable

    21.02.2019 by Energy-L

    UBS Chair Axel Weber argued in Davos that that the SDGs can only be achieved by raising awareness and channeling personal preferences for investing sustainably. UBS also announced a pilot programme to enable investors to: rate their concern for ESG factors; express their preference in a personalized sustainability score; and compare their score against more than 20,000 ESG-rated stocks and bonds to determine the best match.Read more

  • Uganda: Rural Power Supply Lights Up Teso

    21.02.2019 by AllAfrica News: Energy

    [Monitor] Teso -With majority of schools and health centres in rural areas in Teso Sub-region operating without electricity, government rolled out the rural electrification programme across the country to ease service delivery.Read more

  • Nigeria: Residents Groan As EEDC Disconnects Buildings Along Power Lines

    21.02.2019 by AllAfrica News: Energy

    [Guardian] Disconnection of buildings along power lines in the Southeast by the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) triggered lamentations yesterday.Read more

  • South Africa: Mboweni Budget Delivers Reality Check for Eskom

    21.02.2019 by AllAfrica News: Energy

    [Daily Maverick] In a hard-hitting Budget that bluntly put a daily R1-billion price tag on borrowing costs, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni pulled off a political juggling act "in the interest of our people and our country, and not in the narrow objectives of any political party". Mboweni's maiden R1.83-trillion Budget, delivered with a little help from three Bible verses and Charles Dickens, was a hard reality check to Eskom, which got left with all its debts to pay itself. The role of the publicRead more

  • BIM use in practice: results from ACE survey

    20.02.2019 by BUILD UP News

    Architect’s Council of Europe ACE published the 2018 Sector Study – a biennial survey that collects and analyses statistical, sociological and economic data on the European Architects, the architectural market and the architectural practices.   Responses from 30.000 Architects in 30 European countries give, among others, information on BIM use in practice.   More info on BIMcert website. [http%3A] Read more

  • Botswana: Kanye Solar Street Light Project Takes Off

    20.02.2019 by AllAfrica News: Energy

    [Botswana Daily News] Kanye -An over P4 million project to erect solar street light commenced in Kanye on February 18.Read more

  • South Africa: Eskom, Tariffs, Bailouts and IPPs - Let's Cut Through the Chaos

    20.02.2019 by AllAfrica News: Energy

    [Daily Maverick] Almost every South African knows that Eskom is in a dire state and that its parlous financials threaten to drag the country down with it. On a very basic level, there are only two ways out of the immediate problem - much higher than inflation tariff increases or a very large bailout by the taxpayer. What we will get is a combination of both. There is no other way out of this awful situation.Read more

  • Kenya: Poor Power Demand Dims Low Bills Hope

    20.02.2019 by AllAfrica News: Energy

    [Nation] Kenya's quest for cheaper power tariffs may remain a fanciful dream, sector players have said, pointing fingers at subdued demand due to delays by the State in implementing mega projects in the country.Read more

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