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  • Guest Article: Convention on Biological Diversity: Overcoming Research Impediments

    24.09.2018 by Energy-L

    The global research community has been complaining about the challenges they face in accessing and exchanging biological material for research as well as international collaborations that are crucial for the global food security and conservation of biodiversity. A legally binding treaty to promote and facilitate biodiversity research, conservation and international collaboration under the CBD could address legal uncertainties in the governance of global research commons. It is time that theRead more

  • Ministerial Roundtable Discusses Blue Economy in Southern Africa

    24.09.2018 by Energy-L

    A ministerial roundtable discussed the potential of the blue economy for southern Africa’s development, and highlighted the importance of sustainable use of coastal and marine resources for all southern African States. Participants praised the Comoros and Mauritius for their collaboration to develop their blue economies and other development programmes.Read more

  • UNICEF Mobilizes Community-based Ebola Response

    24.09.2018 by Energy-L

    The UN has announced further confirmed Ebola cases in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, near the Ugandan border. UNICEF has stepped up vaccinations in areas around the confirmed cases, and has launched a community-based response that includes water, sanitation and hygiene activities, community education, and psycho-social assistance to patients and their families.Read more

  • Namibia Launches NDC Partnership Plan for Climate Action

    24.09.2018 by Energy-L

    The priority areas outlined in Namibia’s NDC Partnership Plan include developing better framework conditions for effective climate change governance, and strengthening financing of projects that help reduce emissions. In its NDC, Namibia has committed to reduce emissions by 89% by 2030 compared to the business-as-usual scenario through climate-smart agriculture, reducing deforestation and renewable energy. Read more

  • Carbon Markets Update: ETS Reforms, Carbon Markets Alignments and Blockchain for Carbon Impact

    24.09.2018 by Energy-L

    EU and California intensify cooperation on carbon markets. New Zealand proposes emissions trading reforms. Carbon Tracker Report predicts European Market Stability Reserve to prompt coal-to-gas switch. Pilot Project in Thailand tests Blockchain application in solar energy for data verification and carbon credit automatization.Read more

  • WSSCC, 3ie Map Evidence for Effectiveness of WASH Interventions

    24.09.2018 by Energy-L

    The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council and the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation have published an “evidence gap map” that compiles results from evaluations of water, sanitation and hygiene projects around the world. WSSCC and 3ie analyzed the results of 41 reviews and 317 evaluations to discern the impacts of WASH interventions on health, behavior, and socio-economic outcomes. WSSCC and 3ie have a partnership that is supporting rigorous evaluations of WASHRead more

  • Africa:Explainer - Why Lithium Ion Batteries Could Be a Game Changer in Africa

    24.09.2018 by AllAfrica News: Energy

    [The Conversation Africa] Renewable energy resources - such as wind, water or solar solutions - hold great promise. They could provide energy while overcoming Africa's infrastructural challenges. But this energy would still need to be stored. Lithium ion batteries might provide a solution. The Conversation Africa asked Bernard Jan Bladergroen about the challenges and opportunities.Read more

  • Liberia:LEC Formulates Taskforce to Disconnect 'Illegal' Customers

    24.09.2018 by AllAfrica News: Energy

    [New Liberia] Authorities of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) have constituted a new task force with the aim to reduce losses on the corporation's network.Read more

  • Event: Impact of Cyberattacks on International Relations and Security

    22.09.2018 by Energy-L

    The Qatar Mission in collaboration with the UN Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) will host a breakfast event on the 'Impact of cyberattacks on international relations and security: a multidimensional perspective'. This event will provide an opportunity to discuss recent trends, the most pressing issues and the ramifications of cyberattacks on international relations and international security in today’s world. The event takes the view that cyberattacks lie at the interface betweenRead more

  • Event: Global Fishery Forum and Seafood Expo 2018

    22.09.2018 by Energy-L

    The Global Fishery Forum and Seafood Expo 2018 will convene on the theme ‘Global Fishing Activities 2050: Resources, Markets, Technologies’. Organized by the Federal Agency for Fishery of the Russian Federation, the event will include roundtables, conferences and a plenary session themed, ‘A Global View of Fishing in the World Ocean: Cooperation or Competition?’ The Global Fishery Forum and Seafood Expo will present the latest innovations and modern developments from fishery, fishRead more

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