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  • Wind blows away fossil power in the Nordics

    17.10.2014 kindly supported by Enviro Finland

    Wind power is blowing gas and coal-fired turbines out of business in the Nordic countries, and the effects will be felt across the Baltic region as the renewable glut erodes utility margins for thermal power stations. Pushing fossil-fueled power stations out of the Nordic generation park is part of government plans across the region and these plans are beginning to bear results. The transition in the Nordic countries will affect utilities in the Baltic states as their grids get more integrated.Read more

  • Smart cities drive change across energy sector

    16.10.2014 kindly supported by Enviro Finland

    Support for renewable generation by cities is increasing the pressure on utilities to modernize their infrastructure, according to a white paper published by Navigant Research. In addition to being the focus of extensive smart grid pilots, cities are becoming increasingly proactive in terms of the targets they are setting for their utilities to shift from fossil fuel to renewable energy, and are encouraging local generation on both the residential and commercial level. Read more

  • European countries to adapt to climate change

    15.10.2014 kindly supported by Enviro Finland

    Adapting to climate change has reached the political agenda in most European countries, according to a EEA analysis that aims to share experiences, lessons learned and good practice in adaptation. Despite a widespread awareness among politicians concrete action is still at an early stage in many countries. Extreme weather events and EU policies were the most common reasons for beginning to address adaptation. Water management was the most commonly prioritized sector for adaptation. Read more

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