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  • Event: Africa NDC Dialogue

    21.09.2017 by Energy-L

    The Africa NDC Dialogue is part of the fourth round of Regional NDC Dialogues, which have been convened to advance the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change since 2015. This Regional Dialogue on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) for Africa is supported by the governments of Japan, Norway and the European Union, and is co-organized by the UNDP, the UNFCCC Secretariat, and the Government of Morocco in collaboration with GIZ and the NDC Partnership. The meeting will seek to: updateRead more

  • Former US Defense Energy Professionals Urge ITC to Consider Energy Security in Solar Trade Case

    21.09.2017 by Renewable Energy News -

    In a letter today to U.S. International Trade Commission Chairman Rhonda Schmidtlein, a group of veterans and former defense energy professionals urged the ITC to consider carefully U.S. Department of Defense energy security and resiliency efforts before making a decision this week in the Suniva/SolarWorld trade case.Read more

  • Morgan Stanley and Citi Say They Will Run on 100 Percent Clean Energy

    21.09.2017 by Renewable Energy News -

    Morgan Stanley and Citigroup Inc. announced they will get all of their energy from renewables in a few years, another show of corporate support for climate action running counter to U.S. President Donald Trump’s view on the issue.Read more

  • Stakeholders, Government Representatives Discuss the Global Compact for the Environment

    21.09.2017 by Energy-L

    Laurence Tubiana, Chair of the Board of Governors at the French Development Agency (AFD), explained that things are moving with the Paris Agreement on climate change but too slowly and suggested the Global Compact for the Environment could create momentum. Susan Biniaz, Columbia Law School, observed that countries would be reluctant to accept an agreement that provides an interpretation of other international agreements, adding that making non-legally binding principles binding would weakenRead more

  • IFAD and African Farmers Carve Giant Message for Agriculture Investments into their Fields

    21.09.2017 by Energy-L

    IFAD and a group of farmers from Kasama, Zambia, prepared a giant 'Field Report' carving the case for increased agricultural investments into the very soil they farm. The graphs display key facts underlining the need for increasing investments in smallholder agriculture. The activity is part of an awareness raising campaign launched by IFAD in response to recent news that in 2016 the number hungry people increased for the first time after a decade of steady declines. Read more

  • Transparency and Compliance Update: UNFCCC Reports on Technical Assessment of Ethiopia's Proposed FREL, Compliance Committee Holds Annual Meeting

    21.09.2017 by Energy-L

    The UNFCCC Secretariat has released three reports on the individual reviews of the annual submissions of Portugal, submitted in 2015 and 2016, and the Russian Federation, submitted in 2016. It has also published a report on the review of the report to facilitate the calculation of the assigned amount for CP2 for Portugal, a summary report on the technical analysis of Jamaica’ s first BUR and report on the technical assessment of the proposed FREL for Ethiopia in 2016. The Compliance CommitteeRead more

  • UN Secretary-General, Stakeholders Urge for Accelerating Paris Agreement Implementation

    21.09.2017 by Energy-L

    During the High-level Stakeholder Dialogue on Climate Change, the UN Secretary-General highlighted three areas of focus: growing and deepening stakeholders’ role in Paris Agreement implementation; removing barriers to the mobilization of finances and creating bankable projects; and intensifying efforts in high-impact areas, such as technology, energy transmission, carbon pricing and risk mitigation. Responding to Hurricane Irma’s aftermath, CERF allocated US$10 million to enable UN and otherRead more

  • Adaptation Efforts in Asia Shine Spotlight on Water Resources, Agriculture

    21.09.2017 by Energy-L

    A NAP Regional Training Workshop for Asia on ‘Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Water Resources’ sought to enhance the ability of Asian governments to mainstream adaptation into water resources and build resilience. The CCAFS South Asia consultation with national partners discussed the national perspectives on agriculture research and ways for the CCAFS and National Agricultural Research Systems to link with the private sector to accelerate climate risk management in South AsianRead more

  • Taiwan Launches First VNR

    21.09.2017 by Energy-L

    Taiwan’s first Voluntary National Review (VNR) maps how each of the SDGs has been addressed by new policies and programmes that the government implemented since the SDGs' adoption. The VNR also enumerates measures for the next phase of development as recommended by government agencies and the NCSD working groups, as well as its 24 nongovernmental members. Read more

  • GWP Asian Partnerships Meet on Climate and Development

    21.09.2017 by Energy-L

    Global Water Partnership (GWP) regional groups met in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to develop a joint strategy for supporting countries in Asia to deliver on water-related commitments under the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. The two-day meeting resulted in the development of a ‘Pan Asia’ strategy for their Water, Climate and Development Programme, spanning 2017-2019.Read more

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