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  • France boosts investment in sustainable energy

    31.07.2014 kindly supported by Enviro Finland

    The French cabinet has approved an energy law that will mobilize EUR10 billion in investment through tax credits and low-interest loans to spur efficiency and renewable power, writes Bloomberg. The law seeks to boost growth and jobs, and reduce bills through energy savings. Other goals include capping nuclear capacity at current levels, cutting emissions 75 percent by 2050 and getting 32 percent of energy from renewable sources by 2030, up from about 14 percent in 2012. Read more

  • China, South Korea tighten environmental cooperation

    29.07.2014 kindly supported by Enviro Finland

    Agencies from China and South Korea have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to establish a support system for energy conservation and environmental protection, writes The countries will promote the establishment of ecological parks and a Sino-Korean business cooperation base. Companies from South Korea will have access to more opportunities in the Chinese environmental market that demands more advanced technologies. Read more

  • Peru creates base for low-emissions development

    28.07.2014 kindly supported by Enviro Finland

    A Peruvian project has identified more than 70 options to mitigate climate change so that Peru adopts a low-emissions development path, says an article published by CDKN Global. Some of the benefits for the country include new investments, increase of GDP, better competitiveness, contribution to emissions reduction, greater energy security, high value forests, and improved quality of life. The project also generated active links among private, public and civil society actors.Read more

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