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  • German utility pushes renewables as profits rise

    26.08.2014 kindly supported by Enviro Finland

    Germany's top utility E.ON expects profits in renewable energy business to rise and aims to continue expanding in the United States and Europe. Having joined the renewable energy frenzy too late, the utility is dashing into solar and wind power as it tries to make up for a slump in profits from traditional power stations, writes Reuters. Since 2007, E.ON has invested about EUR10 billion in renewables – having about 10,900 megawatts of renewable capacity worldwide. Read more

  • Delivering air quality data for European's health

    25.08.2014 kindly supported by Enviro Finland

    A system to deliver essential air quality data to environmental officials, doctors, hospitals, and the public has been developed by an EU-funded project. The system is expected to support the improvement of public health and living conditions in European cities and regions where health can be most affected by air quality. The data provided by system is customisable, and the information can be adapted to the specific needs of a certain city or region.Read more

  • Sub-Saharan Africa's renewables booming

    23.08.2014 kindly supported by Enviro Finland

    Sub-Saharan Africa is emerging as one of the most exciting new markets for renewable energy technologies such as onshore wind, small-scale and utility-scale solar and geothermal power, according to research company Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The region will see more capacity come online this year in non-hydro renewable energy than in the whole of the 2000-2013 period. South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya lead this renewables spurt. Read more

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