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  • SDSN Shares Findings on Local SDG Data Collection

    18.04.2019 by Energy-L

    SDSN TReNDS and the USA Sustainable Cities Initiative established the Local Data Action Solutions Initiative to identify and promote replicable methods for sub-national SDG monitoring that also facilitate local action in support of the principle “leave no one behind”. The grantees’ experiences illustrate their local SDG data efforts in seven areas. Read more

  • Arab Forum Reviews SDG Progress, Crafts Messages for HLPF

    18.04.2019 by Energy-L

    The ESCWA Executive Secretary announced the launch of the Young ESCWA initiative, which aims to be an incubator for innovative solutions to improve the lives of people in the Arab region. AFSD-19 addressed progress on the five SDGs under review in 2019: SDGs 4, 8, 10, 13 and 16, in addition to Goal 17 reviewed each year. Countries shared lessons learned on VNRs, including the importance of establishing an institutional structure for sustainable development that is linked to coordinationRead more

  • Forest and Farm Facility Launches Partnership in Togo in Support of SDGs

    18.04.2019 by Energy-L

    The FFF aims to improve the livelihoods of rural people by working with forest and farm producer organizations to increase their technical and commercial capacities to tackle climate change and improve food security. The second phase of FFF aims to help deliver the SDGs. Read more

  • NAP Expo Fosters Partnerships for National Adaptation Planning

    18.04.2019 by Energy-L

    During the NAP Expo, participants urged countries to increase their climate ambition and to scale up resilience-building efforts. Four NAPs were presented by Ethiopia, Togo, Honduras and Burkina Faso. The CTCN showcased the ways in which climate technologies are being used to support NAP implementation in coastal zones. Four organizations launched supplementary materials to the UNFCCC’s Technical Guidelines for NAPs. Read more

  • Workshop on the “Blue COP” Explores Climate-Ocean Linkages

    18.04.2019 by Energy-L

    The workshop focused on the state of knowledge concerning climate and ocean change, synergies and gaps in climate and ocean actions, and national perspectives on the ocean-climate nexus. Recommendations from the workshop series will be brought to the attention of the 51st session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit, and the Santiago Climate Change Conference. Read more

  • In Advance of HLPF 2019, Experts Review Progress on SDG 10

    18.04.2019 by Energy-L

    The meeting aimed to review progress on SDG 10, share good practices and success stories, identify challenges and key areas of concern and suggest ways forward. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights proposed including a measure of inequalities like the Palma ratio or Gini coefficient when the SDG indicators are reviewed in 2020. Read more

  • SAIs from Netherlands, MENA Countries Contribute to Guidance on SDG Preparedness

    18.04.2019 by Energy-L

    The ‘Practical Guide to Government SDG Preparedness Reviews’ details INTOSAI’s seven-step model for reviewing government SDG preparedness. The guide includes illustrations, quotations, and practical experiences from SAIs participating in the Sharaka initiative, a partnership programme on SDG preparedness between the SAIs of the Netherlands, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, and Tunisia. Read more

  • Zimbabwe: Scramble for Solar Power Plants

    18.04.2019 by AllAfrica News: Energy

    [The Herald] Three independent power producers have applied to the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) for licences to establish solar power plants that will add about 100MW to the national grid.Read more

  • Nigeria: NCC Blames Inadequate Power Supply for Poor Telecom Services

    18.04.2019 by AllAfrica News: Energy

    [This Day] Abuja -The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has blamed poor telecom services being delivered to customers on poor power supply by the electricity distribution companies in Nigeria.Read more

  • South Africa: Standard Bank Withdraws Funding of New Coal IPP Projects

    18.04.2019 by AllAfrica News: Energy

    [Daily Maverick] In a setback for coal-fired power generation and a victory for the renewable energy lobby, Standard Bank will not provide funding for two new independent coal-fired power stations. This follows similar announcements by Nedbank and FirstRand and is in line with new protocols announced by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development.Read more

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